are extracted during natural distillation process using flow of vapour

Used for aromatherapy, baths, saunas, massages (mixed into base oil), inhalations, ambient diffusers, and as body perfume

Main ways to use essential oils

Diffusers or aroma lamps: glass, porcelain or ceramic containers with a little bowl for water and a few drops of essential oils. The water is heated by burning a small candle placed under the bowl, which diffuses the essences
Baths: pour about 20 drops of essential oil into a steaming hot bath just before stepping into it and enjoy for about 10-15 minutes. Water temperature of 37 degrees Celsius
Massages: dilute 10-30 drops of required essential oils in 100 ml vegetable oil and rub in the treated areas
Foot baths: pour 5 drops of essential oil into a basin of hot water and immerse feet for several minutes
Shower: put 2-3 drops of essential oil onto the sponge
Sachets and pillows: put a few drops of essential oils on sachets, pillows, wood or cork shapes
Home: use for furniture care, as aroma for letter paper as well as to keep ants at bay

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Essential Oils

LEMONGRASS essential oil

stimulating, antispasmodic,...

Product details

LAVENDER essential oil

analgesic, antiseptic, sedative

Product details

LEMON essential oil

astringent, diuretic, cleansing

Product details

TANGERINE essential oil

digestive, tonic, antispasmodic

Product details

BERGAMOT essential oil

antihelminthic, purifying, draining

Product details

ROSEMARY essential oil

antirheumatic, cephalic, fungicide

Product details

BLOOD ORANGE essential oil

anti-inflammatory, digestive

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