About us

Company Antichi Rimedi is situated in the natural park of mount Labbro (Monte Amiata, Arcidosso municipality, Grosetto), near Merigar (Tibetan Buddhism centre), in the heart of Tuscany, where microclimate and vast variety of plants create a true natural oasis.

We grow and harvest raw materials necessary for our handmade products: cooking herbs, herbal teas, oils, ointments, tinctures and essential oils. We grow medicinal plants strictly adhering to organic farming methods.

All the plants are used fresh; we do not store them in a warehouse. We make every effort to respect the environment when producing raw materials required for our end products: extra virgin olive oil from locally grown olives (low acidity content is indispensable in preparation of the oils), beeswax for the ointments and honey from medicinal plants and certain forest plants.

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